4th Adventure

Traversing through the portal, the Companions of the Brass Key find themselves transported from the stone underground rooms of the Happy Beggar poorhouse in Overlook to dark and gloomy Shadowfell…

After some time, the Companions see a large campsite. In the backdrop, there is a tall tower and next to it a foundry. The camp seems to be populated by mercenaries and adventurers from all races and creeds.

The Companions investigate further within the camp…

Information and rumours This area is Umbraforge and is the dominion of Sarshan.

Sarshan is a shadar-kai outcast. Sarshan gathers mercenaries and slaves and then hires them out across the Shadowfell but also in other worlds. It is rumoured that generals and kings pay Sarhan who then decides which side to ally with.

Modra was one of Sarshan’s trusted leutenants. When Sarshan refused to sell arms to the Orcs, thinking it was too risky, Modra tried to cut a deal behind Sarshan’s back.

The Foundry is the new jewel in Sarshan’s operations. He uses it to create beasts; born killers with magic in their blood.

The Companions meet a dark creeper called Wayron. He was the Emissary that funded and supported the new Red Hand, under Sarshan’s instructions (see 1st adventure log).

The Companions also meet Lena the sorcerer. She worked together with Modra for a time. She discloses to the Companions that there is a private tunnel between the tower and the foundry and secret entrance to the tower. Lena thinks that Modra should die for his treason but does not want him to suffer unnecessarily.

Story progression The Companions hear that something fun is happening in the Slave Bazaar and make their way there.

On their way, they encounter ogres and tangler beetles, in an “arena style” battle, for the entertainment of the orcs who have gathered for the show. The Companions emerge from the battle victorious and relatively unscathed.




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