3rd Adventure

After the battle of Bodrin’s Watch, the Companions of the Brass key return to the city of Overlook. They meet with Elderkain who entrusts them with the mission of uncovering who has been equiping the Orc attacks.

Information and rumours Elderkain told the Companions that some Dark Creepers have been sighted in Overlook. These are shadowy creatures that live among the Shadarkai and usually dwell underground. One of these Dark Creepers goes with the name of Modra. Dark Creepers use portals to the Shadowfell.

Further investigation around the city reveals that Modra was acting as a weapon’s broker, a frontman for an arms dealer, trying to use his connections to sell weapons. He had contacted a number of wealthy houses. It was also rumoured that in the end Modra found a buyer, a Shadarkai witch. The Companions suspect that Modra is behind equiping the Orcs and this is the reason Tusk and his gang had weapons and armour of unusual quality.

Modra was also looking at mining around the old caverns of Stonehome.

Rumour has it that some job went bad for Modra and he is on the run.

Modra’s whereabouts may be in a poorhouse “the Happy Beggar” in Tradestown.

The Companions also meet a female Elf, sister of Jess of the Farstriders. She is also looking for Modra, who she considers responsible for her sister’s demise.

Story progression Street thugs As they wander around Overlook, the Companions are attacked by some street thugs, which they easily overpower. It seems that the attack is not random however; the wizard leading the thugs has a note describing the Companions and commanding that the thugs recover the “brass key”. The note is signed: “Modra”.

The Companions of the Brass Key is quite happy about their choice of name! It seems that the brass key is key to this mystery!

The Happy Beggar The Companions visit the Happy Beggar poorhouse in search for Modra. The poorhouse is run by a couple, Prachant and Ozma. They also meet a grizzly crippled old man who introduces himself as Brenat, an old adventurer. He describes Modra as “black hearted one” and advises the Companions to “strike no deals but strike a killing blow”.

The Companions then ask the couple about Modra. Ozma responded that they had never heard that name previously, until 30 minutes ago when the old guy (Brenat) was asking about Modra.

Brenat then oddly disappears, leaving the Companions with a distinct suspicion that he is more than he seems…

In the Cellars In the Cellars of the Happy Beggar the Companions discover that some rubble was actually arranged by hand and reveal a secret door.

They enter into a cavern with doomspore, poisonous spores usually found in areas tainted by the Shadowfell. Our ingenious sorcerer provided an easy solution to the problem of traversing the area by flying the party over the spores.

The Companions then enter a room with portals. There they fight some dark creepers, shadowy dogs and a Shadarkai woman.

On the body of the woman, the Companions discover a second brass key. (Note – consider renaming the group to Companions of Brass Keys).

The Companions activate the portal using the key and discover it leads to a warehouse. They suspect that this is where Modra hides the weapons and armour supplied to the Orcs.

In the room next door, they hear chanting. They decide that this is more pressing and postpone the investigation of the warehouse for a later occasion.

In a déjà vu encounter, the Companions enter the room interrupt Modra’s chanting before a Stonearch. Modra summons a number of wraiths, shadow humanoids created to guard the area. Modra himself becomes invisible. The Companions fight bravely but decide to retreat to the portal room for some all important healing. As they are healing under the careful attention of their Shaman, the Companion feel a strong earthquake in the other room.

When they return to the Stonarch room, the wraiths have disappeared, and curiously, so has Modra.

The Companions activate the portal using one of the brass keys and cross over to the other side…



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