Treasure - 3

Today, 16 April

3rd email – sent on 16 April, after the session where we were transported to the Shadowfell. It covers the treasure of 3rd adventure (Finding Modra) in Overlook. Not much in terms of treasure.

Dear All,

Just in case there is a market in this Ioun-foresaken place where we have ended up and in order to keep the books clean and tidy, here is the treasure allocation from 3rd adventure in Overlook.

MONEY - 4SP - 40GP

ITEMS - Staff of Storms (Marios) - Art Object – Grazt (Demon Prince of the Abyss) (250GP)

As you can see, very slim pickings! Hopefully we will do better on the next one.

See you tomorrow!

Yours, Elina



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