2nd Adventure – Dwarven Forge

The Goblins rally under the Red Hand

The adventurers are sent to a dwarven town called Overlook. (We are sent by Kagrig the Elder to meet Kagrig Junior).

Goblins / Orcs / Ogres are assembling and marching to Bodrin’s Watch, a fortification close to Overlook.

A number of adventuring companies have come to aid: – Freeriders (5) – Farstriders (proud) (5) – Perished in the vents – Fastriders (4)

The Adventurers are sent to the Dwarven Monastery to warn the clerics about the impending attack. Unfortunately, when reaching there, the Monastery has already been attacked by Goblins. The adventurers clear out the Goblins and manage to rescue Durthur, a dwarven invoker who was being tortured by the Goblins.

The adventurers decide to go to the vents and ensure that they are sealed. They encounter many Goblins and other evil creatures. In the temple of Moradin, which was almost defiled by goblins, they also find two bodies that they recognise as belonging to the Farstriders.

During their exploration of the vents, the adventurers discover a large brass key. We do not know yet what this opens.

Drukan Felfist – Legendary warrior (400 years ago) An army of orcs came, along with a Hydra. 300 dwarves perished. Durkan defended the rest of t he team, chopped the heads of the Hydra and burned it. It is said that his remains are interred in the mountains and they are considered a dwarven relic. (It may be(?) that the goblins will seek this relic, as they tried to steal the relics from Brindol?)

The adventurers manage to flood the vents, flushing all goblins inside. Unfortunately, they lost their bravest companion, Belven Runehouse.

Then the adventurers go to Baldur’s Watch and assisted in the fight against the goblins. The fight lasted 5 days and the dwarves emerged victorious in the end.



Just to clarify, there was not a single goblin in the attack either in the monastery or the vents. The enemies were Orcs and Orogs with the exception of the Troll, the fire beetles and the Dark One.

2nd Adventure – Dwarven Forge

Also, its Bodrin’s Watch, Baldurs Gate is a place in Forgotten Realms…

2nd Adventure – Dwarven Forge

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