Treasure - 1

7 February

I am posting here the previous treasure allocation emails. This first one was sent on 7 February. It was done after the session when Minas’ character met his demise at the Dwarven Monastery.

The treasure calculation includes all items recovered from the first adventure and the beginning of the second adventure.

Dear All,

I have sorted out the accounts for our Saturday’s adventures so far. Please shout if I have got anything wrong!

MONEY 1ST Adventure 20gp 10gp 200 gp 430 gp = 660 GP 40 gp 100 gp GEM 80 gp 200 gp 200 gp TOTAL of 1280 (or 1180 and 100 GEM) 2nd Adventure 40 gp

ITEMS AND INITIAL ALLOCATIONS 1st Adventure - Healing Potion – Duygu - Belt of Vigor – Gatzi - 2 Healing Potions – Barry and Panos - Magical shield cold – Barry – EXCHANGED - Addergrease armor +1 – EXCHANGED - Holly symbol of reproach +1 – EXCHANGED - Halberd +1 Final word – EXCHANGED - Wand of swarming force – EXCHANGED? - Totem of spring renewal – Duygu - Chainmail of bold victory – Barry 2nd Adventure - Rod of blinding awe +2 – Minas - 1 potion of healing – Elina (to replace the one given to Barry from personal stack) - Silver statuette of Moradin – UNALLOCATED – Possibly return or sell, depending on what the dwarves want. - Cloak of the walking wounded – UNALLOCATED - Lifedrinker craghammer +1 – UNALLOCATED - 1 potion of healing – UNALLOCATED

FINAL ITEMS Gatzi - Life drinking weapon +1 - Belt of vigour Duygu - Totem of spring renewal - Healer’s brooch [Augments party healing – common resource] Minas - Staff exchanged after 1st adventure (?) - Rod of blinding awe +2 Marios - Staff exchanged after 1st adventure (?) Barry - Chainmail of bold victory +1 Elina - Terror weapon +1

Effectively, this means that Barry, Marios, Duygu and I only have one personal magic item, whereas Minas and Gatzi have two. (I count the healer’s brooch as a common party item, since it is meant to augment everyone’s healing). So, the above four should get priority in terms of selecting their magic items and if the opportunity arises again to exchange, should get first priority in that.

Barry, I think that you might want to get the Craghammer (to use when you become level 4). You need a feat for that (superior melee proficiency) and so you will need to wait until you level up to retrain and use it but it has some healing properties which are quite good and it does good damage. Alternatively, the cloak of the walking wounded might also be beneficial for you.

Also, what last week’s encounter taught us, (apart from the fact that not every character is a defender) is that everyone should buy and hold at all times at least one healing potion, as healing resources are limited and valuable. At the moment we have one unallocated potion and I have down that the following have got one from the treasure bundle (Duygu, Barry and Panos). I had bought one originally which I gave to Barry and I got one from the treasure to replace my own. So, unless you have drank yours, the one we found last week should go to Marios (since Minas’ character is dead and has little use of it now).

Yours, Elina



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